Machine performance:
* film guiding
* film transport with film moving roller
* air pressur supply for film transportation on feeing roller
* welding / sealing bar
* winding device for teflon or silicon band of the welding / sealing bar
* pressure of welding / sealing bar with screw regulation
* blocking device / bar for needle fastening of bags
* rotating holding down device
* variable bag lay flat device (bridge) depending on bag length
* pneumatic clamp strap for bag transportation
* pneumatic bag transfer

Control panel:
* emergency button
* pneumatic bag transfer forward - backward
* electronical control panel for automaticall bag lenght and numbers blocking
* heater for welding bar
* knife heater
* static

Specifications subject to change without notice!

film transport via film moving roller

rotating holding down device with pneum. bag transportation

staker for bags

Technical Datas:
* for PE film 10 - 40 m
* max. approx. 140 pcs./min. (depending on film thickness and bag length)
* 2-lane manufacturing is possible

control panel with complete checking system

Machine performance:
* knife positioning on hydraulic cylinder punching piston
* rotating plastic disc for counter pressure of punching knife with electro magnet for plastic disc rotating
* positioning of bags with demensional change of different bag size
* two hand button
* approx. 5 different punching knives

rotating plastic disc for counter pressure of punching knife






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