Specification of Husky Injection Molding Machine


1. 1994 Husky XL300 Pet

    With 3 Stage Robot, Diameter 85 mm Extruder, Diameter 100 mm Shooting Pot, Stroke 260 mm Shooting Pot,
    Injection Capacity 2042 CM, 460V, 60HZ, 3 Phase, 48 Cavity Husky mold 24 gram Alcoa neck, approx. 100 mm long,
    Used for 10, 16 and 20 ounce bottles, Novatec Dryer model NPD-750, 460V, Novatec vacuum pump model VH3,
    Novatec dew point meter model M, Novatec dryer hopper model NPH 2500 pounds, Thermal core chiller model
    AQ1W3504X, 35 horsepower with 25 HP process pump, Dehumidification unit and enclosure



2. 1993 Husky XL225 Pet

    Installed May, 1994 with 3 stage robot 32 cavity mold, 39.5 gram mold for 1.5 Liter with Alcoa 1716 and PCO 1816
    neck splits, Cycle time 15 to 17 seconds capable of producing 5,000,000 preforms per month, Machine has PET
    70/100 E-85 extruder with an injection capacity of 2042 cc, AEC Whitlock dryer WD-600 RTQ with 1580 kilogram
    Pet resin hopper, AEC chiller 4DK3-2500-TSK-252, Hytrol 3.3 meter long conveyor 45.72 centimeter wide,
    Vac trac vacuum system, AEC Nelmer G1616MI granulator, Movacolor color additive feeder, One lot of spare parts,
    One mold change winch, One aluminum structure covering, 50 million to 60 million 1.5 Liter, 39 gram preforms/year



3. 1992 Husky XL300 Pet

    금형을 제외한 기타 사양은 1994 Husky XL300과 동일
    including One mold with 48 cavity preforms, 46 gram - 42 gram for 1.5 Liter Robot,
                   One mold with 24 cavity preforms, 24 gram - 20 gram for 0.5 Liter Robot



4. 1986 Husky XL300 Pet

    Model : XL300P, 300 Metric Ton Injection Molding Machine with Hydraulic Clamp and Two-Stage Unit. Year 1986
    Includes following standard features:
    Texas Instruments 5TI programmable machine controls, Hour and cycle counter and actual cycle time indicator
    Overall cycle timer, Shuts down machine electric's if cycle is interrupted,  4 Steps clamp opening and closing
    velocity profile, Multi stroke hydraulic ejector, SPI mold mounting and knock-out pattern, Induction hardened
    tiebars, 3 Step injection velocity profile, Screw speed tachnometer, Bimettallic lined barrel and Stellite tipped
    screw flights. Fully insulated barrel, Water server salve, Automatic injection carriage sequence controls for
    sprue break and atack molds, Hydraulic accumulators, Self-adjusting dropbars, electric and hydraulic
    interlocks on both safety gates. Rotary valve nozzle, Oil level and temperature safety switches, Automatic
    central lubrication, 16 Item problem analyzer, Idetifies cause of machines cycle interruption, 110V, 60HZ,
    10 Amp outlets foe auxiliary equipment
    Clamp force : 300 metric tons
    Distance between tiebars (H*V) : 720mm*720mm
    Clamp stroke - Maximum : 650mm
    Mold shut height : 250mm - 750mm
    Daylight - Maximum : 1400mm
    Hydraulic ejector stroke - Maximum : 250mm
    Screw Diameter : 85mm
    Screw L/D ratio : 20:1
    Screw compression ratio : Pet design
    Screw speed range : 35 - 110 RPM (opt)
    Screw stroke : 260mm (opt)
    Two-stage injection:
    Shooting pot diameter : 100mm (opt)
    Injection capacity - Stroke : 260mm (opt), Volume : 2040mm, Weight : 2200grams
    Injection pressure - Maximum : 710kg/cm
    Nozzle hole diameter : 18.2mm
    Nozzlw : 19mm
    Primary voltage/phase/cycle : 575/3/60
    Hydraulic pump motor : 30Kw (40HP)
    Extruder motor : 56Kw (75HO) (opt)
    Machine heaters : 44Kw
    Mold heaters : 25Kw
    Heater Voltage : 230 volts
    Control circuit : 24 volt D.C. (provided by integral Power pack)
    Mold cooling package consists of supply and return manifold mounted at rear of machine on the sides of
    moving and stationary platens. Includes 8 circuits per platen and connection to main manifold supply.
    Also includes mold water shut-off solenoid with selector switch on main panel. Vibration mounts.
    Used to supported and level machines. Load bearing capacity 13,000 pounds each mount. PET package
    with injection unit sized for PET systems requiring in excess of 180 Kg per hour.











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