Full Automatic Computer Injection Molding Machine
for manufacturing of PET Preform

설비의 부분별 특징

1. Clamping System

  • Generous space between tie bars, long opening stroke and mold thickness for fitting larger molds.
  • 5-point links clamping unit, manufactured by advanced "Processing Center" with the advantage of quick, stable,
    reliable movement.
  • Super-thick mold platens with enough intensity.
  • Opening stroke is controlled by Electric Ruler to the accuracy of +-0.05mm.
  • Auto lubrication system is equipped. The model and time of supplying oil are set up in computer program.
  • 3 steps of clamping force and speed with the functions of differential high-speed clamping and low-pressure
    mold protection.
  • Ejection mechanism provides dwell, single, more, vibration or revolve function according to needs.
  • The position of moving mold platen is changed by means of rough, fine or auto-fine adjustment.
  • Mechanical and electrical dual-safety interlock and another hydraulic safety interlock. 

2. Injection System

  • Electric Ruler controls the entire injection stroke including 4 steps for injection, 4 steps for pressure holding,
    3 steps for plasticizing pressure and speed to the accuracy of +-0.05mm.
  • Melting back-pressure control and decompression functions.
  • High speed injectioning for producing thin-wall products.
  • The screw(LD ratio is 22:1) is drived by motor with stepless speed regulation to assure the high quality of plasticizing.
  • Injction carriage can be generally used with the functions of slacking, re-feeding and fixed-feeding.
  • Reverse device in order to be easily moved and cleaned. 

3. Hydraulic System

  • Proportional pressure and flow control with the advantages of stable, high performance and high precision.
  • Hydraulic components, which meets ISO9001, results in reducing faults and preventing oil leaking.
  • Compact construction and reasonable arrangement with the advantages of low noise and energy-saving.

4. Control System

  • High precision and high speed by microcomputer.
  • Centralizedly designed and elemantally controlled to keep from interfering.
  • LCD displaying screen with high clarity can regulate its brightness to suit manufacturer's environment.
  • Displaying screen and LED lamp monitor entiremovent of machine through heting wires.
  • Adopting input and output light-coupling to isolate external interferes.
  • Cose-loop PID technology is used in temperature control with the advantage of high precision.
  • 75 sets of mold parameters can be stored into the program without extra momorial software.
  • Optioanl functions of core in/out, electric eye input and robot input/output can be used.
  • Alarming system in case of cold material or no material in hopper.
  • It can examine material overflow or incomplete product and preset quantity of products.

위의 사양을 포함한 사출기로 여러분들이 원하시는 PET Preform을 생산할 수 있는 설비를 공급해 드릴 수 있습니다.

Injection Molding Machine과 더불어 Cincinnati Milacron사와의 기술제휴로
제작된 Prefom & Bottle Molds의 공급 뿐 아니라
Semi-auto & Full-auto Pet Bottle Blow Molding Machine,
Feeder, Dryer, Storage Case, Oven, Chiller
및 Cap Mold까지 공급이 가능합니다.


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